Potential partnership with Skiff/Brave?

When I opened my Brave today I was informed about a partnership between Brave and Skiff.

First I thought it was only about email and that you could connect through your Metamask Wallet (could be an interesting idea for accessing Storj as well).
But then I saw this:

Decentralized, encrypted storage.

They are offering

10 GB Free Storage

I think Storj should really talk to them. Storj could offer their free tier of 150GB to their users, which would mean a huge advantage for them. I think this could be very beneficial for both Skiff and Storj.


Thank you! You always see new and interesting angles.
I’ll pass this along.


Especially if there ads get shown to users who have seen the 10gb free yea they would definitely choose storj

They also seem to have an interesting board of advisors:

Imagine if Storj would manage to partner with Skiff and become their storage backend for

Skiff Drive and get in touch with these people too.

For completeness here is the ad that announced the partnership, I got it again today:


Maybe it would be really worth to talk to Brave about partnership as well. Like a “Brave Drive” or something. I mean imagine Storj DCS being integrated into every instance of Brave… :yum: