Prepaid fiat payments

Hi there,
I would like to have prepaid fiat payments. I don’t want to give my credit card because I am running automated backups. Just in case something goes really wrong (e.g. my backup starts uploading infinitely from an endless data source, or it starts restructuring terrabytes of data thereby causing a lot of egress traffic) I want to lose the backup rather than pile up huge costs. Therefore I would really like to have the opportunity to deposit 20$. I can do that by depositing STORJ but the process of buying STORJ is complicated and costly and then the value of my deposit will fluctuate.

The value of STORJ tokens will be added to your balance by exchange rate on sent date with 10% bonus.
So, it will not fluctuate. This is the whole point - we uses fixed prices and doesn’t matter is you pay by credit card or STORJ tokens.
The difference is 10% bonus in case of STORJ and you need to deposit them before the usage.

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Thanks for the clarification, so if I buy 20 STORJ today for 20USD, send them to STORJ then I will have a 22USD balance? Can someone tell me how high the fees will be that I will have to pay for buying STORJ and sending them to the platform? Where can I buy STORJ easily (e.g. using credit card or PayPal?)

You say it doesn’t matter if I pay by credit card or STORJ, but the CC approach looks as if I just give my CC details and the amount will be billed after usage. Is there a way to just pay 20USD by credit card and leave it at that?

The balance also affects what limits you can request (the amount should be enough to cover the full use of the requested limits within 3 months).
You will be charged only for actual usage above a free tier (150GB of storage and 150GB of egress per month).

Yes. The fee you can see there: 22 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan (select ERC20 transfers).

no. You will be billed for actual usage once a month. If you do not use more than a free tier - you will not be charged.
But you can set a limit, which you willing to pay in your settings.

Because of what you said I tried to add a credit card to my account to see if I can charge any prepaid balance. I can’t, now my credit card is added to my account and I cannot remove it. How do I make sure that my credit card will never be charged? I don’t want to pay with this credit card.

Just do not use more than a free tier.

So there is no way whatsoever to remove the credit card again? That feels like a bug.

You can submit a support request to
If you have had a usage, we will wait for the end of the current billing period before remove the card, then your limits will be downgraded to the free tier.
Make sure that you did not use more than a free tier.

Alright, thanks for the info. I still think that this could be made clearer in the UI. Another great feature would be custom cost/usage limits. If usage limits are already implemented for the free tier it shouldn’t be too much work to implement custom usage limits. I would love to be able to set a limit to make sure I am not using more than X dollars per month. At work, this is one of the reasons that is keeping us from using AWS.

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It’s not so easy as you may think. You should pay all outstanding invoices before the card can be removed. The billing is generated once a month, so this is not easy to automate.

You have this functionality: Manage Projects | Storj Docs, but it’s not from billing perspective, it’s from usage limits perspective. But you can calculate how many USD it will cost and set your limits accordingly. With changing limits you have much more flexibility than just gross bill.


I did not know this existed and it is even better than a billing limit. In that case, I will set limits and leave my credit card registered. I don’t know how much storage I’m expecting but it is rather cheap, so I can leave a high margin there and just set strict limits for traffic which I am expecting to be rather low. Thanks again for your help!