Prevent disqualify when moving storage path, new option

Hi all,

I’ve read so many tales of ‘moving to another path’ and then entering a wrong one, and getting disqualified.

For the love of all things that make sense, could Storj please put in a command line option;

--new-node This has to be run first to initialize a new storage path. The node will not start up in an empty location, unless this flag is entered. The node checks for a valid existing storage path unless this is specified. A log entry 'Proper storage path not found, wrong path specified, or something is seriously wrong! ABORTING' in the logs, if this flag is not specified and no correct folder found.

That way, no more stupid disqualifications because people make hones mistakes. And even experienced SNO’s make mistakes; why should the node even attempt to start in a ‘wrong’ location?

Please make this a priority to implement, it’s so simple it’s actually hurting that it isn’t implemented yet.



BrightSilence’s idea will likely solve also this problem, if it gets implemented.

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