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Oh, im sorry, but got an idea, must write it or will forget.

Looking at this video web site?
isn’t it cool?

its around 500MB video,
say it get viral,
Will it drain credits from the authors wallet? and become unavailable if wallet nulled?

What if author is “out of office” and can’t recharge, but the internet wants keep watching?
This website looks like a small Youtube itself!
How about if someone could recharge the video with STORJ?
like just to click somekind “revive” button!

Like top up 10 STORJ for 2000 views for all
or top up just for Yourself to watch

That obviously could have some margin of profit for Storj as well.
Like send 2 STORJ (via “zkSync Era” of course) resulting a view for Yourself, + adds few views to pool for the internet and some idk 15-30% profit for Storj Inc.

Just imagine the fancy icon on the side!
like “put a coin” in pay phone haha

I know its a 500MB video, but usually videos take less like 50MB
10 STORJ for 20000 views then, thats significant donation

10STORJ is like $7.
It’s ~20 971 views of a 50MB file.

Or maybe someone would like to just Bump it up, to extend its internet life,
and donate just to keep the video alive longer!?
Wouldn’t that be cool?