A Storj download manager

continuation of this talks:

Yes, such simple pre-app to download natively,
possibly could be auto generated in the panel.

for example if i have 130GB game and want to publish it on my website,
i upload to storj bucket, press some “generate native app” button.
Storj makes me a link (example: 1MB file, can be from S3 gateway, so good for http)
I publish that on my website.
On website, people gets that 1MB file,
which gets them the 130GB file via Storj native.

That could be just for that 1 file.
Or that could be a whole Storj manager.

a Storj download manager,

Say a company who offers a program example:
Data recovery software (50MB), or a game (130GB)

offers a download link on website.
Instead giving a direct link to install.exe
offers a Storj Download Manager.exe,
which enables a customer on his desktop PC/device to
download that game, or said data recovery program,
with the max connection speed (saturate it)

so the company can become a partner of Storj rather than just use it,
and under download link offer its files, but through a Storj manager.
Customers downloads it, launches it, and it downloads a desired file set by default by the company case.
BUT additionally, the Storj manager program, also offers a possibility to
download any other programs or files stored in Storj network.
a catalogue of a whole public Storj library of files.

When companys becomes such native partner with Storj, it also helps to spread Storj itself!
in return they gets discount on service price.
if Storj charges $7/TB, partner company can be charged less, like $5 or $4,
or anything above $2, because thats what Storj nodes are being paid for data transfers(egress).
So possibly, could start from $5, and possibly deepen and deepen its price discount, depends, on how much it contributes to Storj popularity.

so Storj asks for $7/TB for regular egress usage,
but partner companys can get like $5/TB for itself, if they are promoting Storj manager solution.
which allows to download other stuff as well, helping Storj network thrive.
Other developer companys who just uses Storj, pays regular $7/TB (not promoting storj manager/ or just using S3 solution)

and Storj manager is a native solution, so Storj don’t have to pay additional costs for 3rd party like S3 gateway.

For Storj its an auto spread mechanism, that allows to gain popularity additionally to employees efforts.
It creates a more demand and incentive for companys to publish files on public Storj network,
because every native promoting partner also creates a chance for files of other partners to be downloaded and used.
(with freeware/tial software, every download is a chance to gain a new customer.)

So Storj is paying $2/TB from its profits, to promote Storj,
instead of just give it away in order to make developers choose
native implementation over S3 as often discussed.
In that way, it practically makes native solution cheaper, than S3, which
stays at $7/TB for everyone.
Simultaneously making incentive to use native solutions rather than S3.
All its with benefits for customers as well, because
native makes downloads much much faster than S3 ever could.
additionally, making other companys to spread Storj awareness.
So a synergy of benefits.

as there was always talk that native should be cheaper than S3, so ppl switch to use it.
also such manager app solves the problem of availability/possibility to even use native Storj.
because it cannot be used directly from the http protocol.

So solving many problems in 1 take.

incentive for any company who have anything to download,
to offer it through Storj, because:

  • have cheap object storage service (exg: $5/TB)
  • instant CDN service, and possible auto replication when demand spikes*
  • customers can download files with maximum speed available
  • customers receives a tool, that gives them a catalogue of other files to download

Eventually from every segment of the market:
from AMD newest drivers, to newest popular games updates and
even, possibly, whole movies to pay for view.
(Why to download it somewhere else, if Storj always offers maximum speed.)

I imagine it as a simple GUI, windowed exe,
with predefined file to download, with “OK” click.
And with simple unfoldable catalogues, to search other public files as addition.
But that opens a door for it’s further evolution.

because the goal is for companys/devs to publish files on storj network.
And pay for the downloads.
But also might evolve in customers wanting to pay with STORJ
to download something, or pay per view.

*in development.
Storj network, could auto adjust replication of a file to more nodes, to meet demand.
for example: monitor amount of download requests.
if a file at 13:36 is being downloaded 10 times compared to 13:37 when it spikes to 1000 times
Storj automatically replicates the files to more nodes, to provide more sufficient, wide access.
And so on and on.
Of course with previous agreement in the panel, with appropriate option enabled and/or limits.
Because it rises space occupation, which is paid, but still very cheap.
After demand is back to normal, the files would be deleted from other nodes as well, and everything backs to normal.

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Hm, sounds like it’s already implemented?
You can use a linksharing URL until it is expire.
What’s the difference?

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Yeah Storj does that today: no need for a download manager. Either have the sharing URL… or the webserver mounting and sharing the space.

Please please please don’t bring back every site wanting you to use its own download manager…

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how about to eliminate every other download manager with Storj’s one?

download manager can download it natively, without gateway service, with full speed


Native vs edge services would be the difference.

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Perhaps. But in this case you likely will use a Linksharing service anyway. The other way is to generate a presigned URL. Many applications are able to do so, e.g. Cyberduck, S3Drive, perhaps some others (I checked only those two).
And there any download manager will do its work.

However, you may also use GitHub - dutchcoders/transfer.sh: Easy and fast file sharing from the command-line. to bring your server online if you wish.