Pricing disapointment

Howdy folks,

I have been following Storj with super excitement since it was a baby. I got busy with life issues and put storj projects in back burner. Now when I woke up. I had to rub my eyes on the pricing structure. I wanted to put all my clients on Tardigrade. However, disasters happen and we need to restore stuff back. But at 45 a TB, thats expensive when compared to Sia.

Did I miss something? I thought Storj was going to revolutionize storage pricing. With the current pricing. One has many other options. Why will customers come to Storj?

What do others think?


I think the marketing folks need to consider exactly what they are selling…

There’s a real need for secure cloud-based decentralized storage. But general purpose backups are not the right target market.

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I don’t care that much, I wouldn’t’ recommend any peer based storage platform without doing your own PoC and Due Diligence. What’s the math around that Sia will survive? If they don’t what happened do your data? Same for StorJ. It’s the same questions we about Amazon 10 years ago.

What the prices are today are in 100% not really relevant, its what the costs will be in 1,3,5,10 years

Tardigrade provides hot object storage at high speeds. It’s about half the price of the big players in this market. At the current stage Sia doesn’t offer any sort of SLA. I wouldn’t currently entrust Sia with business critical data. If you’re not worried about your backups being instantly available at high speed, then perhaps Tardigrade is not the right fit for you.

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I get all that, storj is best, safe, secure and robust SLA. When Storj was first anounced. They promoted it as pricing revolution for storage. We were glued to it. This was our own “Revolución Cubana” to beat the BIG CORPs. We help test stuff, report back xyz and dreamed about live production some day.

Someone in forum talked about $ 2 a TB to upload and some miniscule amount to download. That was the revolution we have in mind.

I am sure, most will feel like a soldier coming home from battle, only to see your wife/GF married to someone else, and now she has all the excuses in the world to justify her actions. Not knowing that, her picture was the only thing that got the soldier through.

Yes, the pricing is disappointing for sure and so is the mentality. Storj is heading toward being a Corp just like others out there.

Sounds like you indeed had a terrible battle. Thank you for fighting for the cause.

In all seriousness, I think Storj ended up being something you aren’t looking for. That’s fine. But for what it is, it is really competitively priced. The use cases for which it works well are still a little limited, but work is constantly being done to expand on that. The important difference is that it’s financially viable. Even if you forget the SLA and scalability. No decentralized alternative is financially viable like Storj is.

As for the mentality. I don’t speak for Storj. I’m just another SNO. I believe strongly that magic promises of the same service for a fraction of the price doesn’t work. There is a supply and demand side in play. For every byte stored a SNO needs to be paid. Pay them too little and you don’t have a loyal enough base. Pay them too much and the product becomes too expensive for customers. With V3 Storjlabs seems to have found a balance that works for both sides. As mentioned before, it’s half the price of comparable hot object storage alternatives like AWS and Google Cloud. While offering SNOs a worthwhile compensation.


@BrightSilence. You have a good point. “There is a supply and demand side in play”.

After reseraching, I agree with you “With V3 Storjlabs seems to have found a balance that works for both sides”

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