Pricing page confusing

Yesterday I checked out Storj for the first time because someone asked if HashBackup (I’m the author) supported it. I had never heard of it so did some poking around.

The only pricing page I saw is this one:

It says storage is $4/TB/mo and egress (I’m guessing) is $7/TB/mo. Because of this I assumed StorJ used “per-TB” pricing, somewhat like Wasabi’s $5.99 minimum/mo, so the minimum would be $11/mo on StorJ. I didn’t see anywhere on that page that the actual billing is done by GB-hr. The guy I was talking to said it was buried in a TOS graphic that he sent to me.

Suggest you add a note right beneath the TB pricing on the pricing page, like:

Storage is billed hourly by GB. Storing 1GB for 1 month would cost 0.004 cents, as would storing 30GB for 1 hour.
Outgoing bandwidth is 0.007 cents/GB.


Adding a link to the documentation for others.


Thanks! A link to this on the pricing page would be nice. When I saw the pricing page, I just assumed it was rounded up, per-TB pricing and wouldn’t have gone looking for how billing was actually computed. In fact, when I was talking to the guy who asked me about Storj, I told him it wouldn’t work for me because I have a small 55GB backup (dev server) and B2 is way cheaper because of the per-TB pricing. Turns out that’s not true.


Even adding something like “No minimum monthly pricing” or “Only pay for what you use” would be helpful?

Edit - I previously wasn’t aware of this from the @nerdatwork link:

Unlike other cloud object storage vendors, we don’t use high egress fees to create vendor lock-in. If you discover that Storj DCS isn’t a fit for your project or application and you transfer your data to another service, use our support portal to submit a ticket and let us know. As long as you follow the process, we won’t charge you for that egress bandwidth.


Interesting. I wasn’t aware of that.
Together with this suggestion, this could make a killer argument for marketing to get new customers on board.

Hey everyone, thank you for the feedback; our marketing team is going to look into updating our pricing page so that it’s more clear!