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Hello guys,

I am storing some sensitive data on storj as a customer of the paltform.
However, I would like to make sure that those files are not accessible to anyone else in the world except the owner of the account, which is me.

Whenever I deposit files, I see a link to share them.
How can I make sure that those files are not viewable by anyone else? I would also like the possibility to share them, as it introduces an operational risk.
Is it safe for me to deposit secret files there? Can I be assured that nobody else can access them?

If you guys have an article discussing about that, would love to read more.


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All objects are private by default. If you decide to share a file - it will be available to anyone who have a link.
Even if you share a file, but did not give a link to anyone - your files remain private. And you can always revoke an access to shared bucket(s)/prefix(es)/object(s) by uplink access revoke command (see Quickstart - Uplink CLI | Storj Docs) or revoke them all altogether by deleting an access grant.

See Access Management | Storj Docs


Is it possible to disable sharing as a whole in order to reduce operational risk? Or is this feature not yet available?

Just do not use the sharing function. It’s impossible to share something accidentally. You need to do a specific actions and share results with someone.

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