Private WAN IP Solutions

Hi there,

I am facing issues in getting my storage node to work on my Qnap NAS. I believe the issue has to do with my ISP not assigning us Public facing IP Addresses (My WAN IP address is different to my public IP address when checking using the likes of You Get Signal (Port forwarding checker)

I was keen to see what solutions (if any) others have used.

I know some potential solutions are:

  1. Request for a Public IP from ISP - (We’re using CGNAT so I would need to pay for a Static IP)
  2. Use another ISP / VPN for working around this.

Let me know if any further clarification is needed. And thanks in advanced for your input!

Hello @hello_world,
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Yes, there are those solutions and another one:

  • switch ISP to one who offer a public IP.

On thing I did since storj isn’t a reserved port I asked if they can give me a internal static address and port forward the port to me

That solved the issue for me

I wonder whether there are any ISPs who do implement RFC6970, it’s designed to solve exactly this issue.

Had this issue myself recently, get a static IP if you can, but if you aren’t offered this as was my problem, I ended up using ngrok.

Setup a TCP tunnel pointing at the storj port, then change your config so that your address and port are the one that ngrok gives out when you create the tunnel. This option is free and works well!

I’m not aware of any.
At least my doesn’t

Be aware that you don’t need a STATIC IP, just a public one. It can definitely just be dynamic, since you can work around that with ddns. Many ISPs will give you a public IP for free when asked (as many other SNOs have reported). Don’t let them upsell you to expensive business plans with static IP.

It can help if you tell them you want to be able to access your IP camera from outside your network. That saves you from having to explain Storj to a call center agent. They get those calls a lot and often are willing to help out. It may not work with your ISP, but give it a go.

Seeing the term upnp sends shivers down my spine. It has been riddled with security issues and implementing it on the ISP level sounds like opening a portal to hell… I doubt you will find that on any ISP ever.

Thanks Alexey and Everyone for the replies!

I am leaning towards getting a static IP in this instance as its pretty cheap in to get one with my ISP.

Currently it seems like with the CGNAT implementation that my ISP uses and pretty much the rest of the ISP’s follow suite. RFC6970 does not seem to be used by any of them on having a couple of chats.

I’ll update back once this is setup and how things are looking!

Thanks again for the replies :slight_smile:

Before you go with a static IP and business plan, please, try this:

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