Problem sending .MP4 files using Air Explorer Program

I set the S3 key all right but when I try to send any video file the error, I can create folders and send .TXT files and images but only these types of files I would like to know how to get a solution since I use this program to transfer any other S3 service except Storj!

The most frustrating thing is that with filezilla it works only that it is slower than Air Explorer

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Please, copy the text of the error and put it here between two new lines with three backticks, like this:

Here is a text of the error

Please also post the configuration of this program to work with the Gateway MT (please hide or remove a personal information from the screenshot before posting).

Task: Upload State: Erro : The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method. Source: E:\Animes\Tokyo Revengers\Temporada 1\Tokyo Revengers S01.E01.mp4 Destination: acteia

Connected successfully to S3 (

I’ve tested it with FileBase Hosting and S3 works fine for any type of files using this program and I’ve never had a similar issue


Have you specified the REST endpoint? It’s required to connect to Storj DCS.
Please, search for advanced settings, what version of AWS signature this app is used?

As I said above I can access the entire contents of the bucket and send only .txt files and any images, the problem only happens when I try to send video with any extension! I’m experienced with this program and I’ve already tested it on another site to see if the problem was in the program but it’s not!

In the RESET part is where to put the the rest is the keys

The difference is not a format, it’s likely the size of the object.
Please, search for additional options to specify the multipart size (in AWS CLI it’s called multipart_chunksize) - it should be set to 60MB, the second needed option - the multipart threshold (multipart_threshold) - it should be set to 60MB too.

you are sure! it’s really the file size but unfortunately Air Explorer doesn’t have an option to send it in several parts just to download, since that’s the problem, I can’t migrate to the platform the other methods are very slow and I have more than 20tb of files and I don’t have enough HD to download them all from Gdrive and migrate to your platform, this program makes the migration easy, thank you very much for responding and good luck everyone!

The Air Explorer seems cannot be tuned, and their default options for s3 are not optimal for Storj DCS, thus it cannot be used for big files transfers.

You can still use CLI tools like rclone.
Since you several times mentioned “slow”, I can assume that your upstream bandwidth is not great, in this case I would definitely recommend to avoid a native integration (because it opens 110 connections to nodes for each segment) and use Gateway MT instead (it opens one connection per part), thus you need to configure rclone with a Gateway MT too.
See also

If you want to use UI, you can try to use FileZilla PRO, it has s3 support or MSP360, or any other S3-compatible tool which has more configuration options, than Air Explorer.
Or just try to use an Objects browser.

my connection is 1GB of download and 700MB of Upload with the Air Explorer program I send a 3GB file in 2 minutes in the browser it takes almost 30 minutes or more and with the CLI I didn’t go into much depth because I don’t know how to fully configure it

I will read more about Rclone if it does the same thing as Air Explorer which is to sync everything in Gdrive to Stroj I will use it

If you have a wide bandwidth, I would definitely recommend to read Hotrodding Decentralized Storage and tune your tools for fastest upload and download.