Problem with dyndns - changing IP - put error/repair messages

I just observed, that I do no longer get any data from the network. My public IP just changed 30min ago. I checked DNS and it was already pointing to the right new IP.
Check the log of the node and found lots of put error/repair messages + refresh in 8h. Node was shown as online.

Decided to restart the docker container and immediately I got new downloads. Should a new IP not automatically and quickly be identified? Restarting the container everyday seems not to be the solution.

It should, if you use the DDNS hostname with the port as your external address (ADDRESS) option

yes is used and DNS is refreshed regularly/on change. I will monitor this - first time I had this issue.

Just doing a test - changed my public IP and did an immediate dyndns update. Name was update within 5 minutes according to DNS request I did. After more than ten minutes I stil did not get any traffic on the storage node but put repair messages.

restarted than manually and immediately (10s) I got new put traffic.

What is the time the sattelites should recogize an IP change? There seems to be room for optimization.