Problem with Storj Website on mobile devices

Storj is not showing properly when using mobile devices.

I am asked every time passphrase when I want upload a file, personally I don’t see a need for that.

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Thank you for alerting us. I will bring this to the team.

Hi @sskelA ,

There is currently no mobile adaption for the satellite app.

Regarding the passphrase, at this time, it is necessary to enter credentials each time to preserve your data privacy. We are always working on ways to improve the experience and appreciate your feedback.

Responsive website with scaling rules for mobile display would be Enough.
For some reason people are still concentrating on desktop sites when more than half of visited website’s come from mobile phones.

I have saved the passphrase as password, so I don’t have to write it every time, but anyway it is annoying. And as I have enabled 2FA for website I would want to think it is enough to not to ask passphrase every time.

Edit: I am writing from smartphone and somebody was able to make this website work on mobile device, so maybe people who are responsible for website should ask how it is done.

This passphrase is an encryption phrase actually. It’s used to derive encryption keys to encrypt and decrypt your data. It’s not an authentication, as you may think. If you provide a different encryption phrase - you will not see a previously uploaded objects with a different encryption phrase.
So, if it would be stored in your browser as a cookie it will remove the security because there are bugs in browsers and other sites could get an access to your cookies and your data will be compromised.
If you decided to store your encryption phrase in the password manager - you accepted the leakage risk.


While I understand the annoyance of having to enter the pass phrase every time. It really is a requirement for a privacy first service like Storj DCS. If Storj would implement any form of remembering pass phrases they would impose the risk on all of their customers.

If you want to use external tools to save those pass phrases, that’s up to you. But I would never want Storj to store my passphrase anywhere and take that control away from me, be that server side or in a cookie.


I guess then at least for people like me would be nice an Option to enable not to ask for passphrase every time. With warnings that it impose security risk.