Problem with the node after abrupt restart of win10

after an update of win 10 ip pc it restarted and I didn’t have time to stop the node with stop-service storagenode

now i have trouble restarting the node …

what can I do?

Are the folders accessible when you click on them ?

Please check your disk for errors and fix them, then make sure that your disk is still uses the same letter. Then you probably will need to update permissions for this disk to the SYSTEM user (change an owner recursively and add full read-write permissions to it).

hi i repaired a 16TB hard drive with chkdsk / f / r F …
so many days have passed …
giving the command
“start-service storagenode” started to work … but as soon as I stopped the node with the “stop-service” command the problem returned, the node no longer works, what is the procedure to update the permissions for this disk to the user SYSTEM?

The problem now is not related to the permissions. Please try to reinstall the storagenode software.

I installed the storage node software now the node works … but when I run the command “&” $ env: ProgramFiles \ Storj \ Storage Node \ storagenode.exe “info” it still gives me an error

You need to provide several arguments to run it from command line/PowerShell,

&"C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.exe" info --config-dir "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\\"

Perhaps you will need to provide a path to your identity with option --identity-dir too.

the node seems to be working properly thanks for the advice :wink:

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