Problems with finding identity

My HDD crashed so I replaced it with a SSD. The data was supposed to be recovered but it is scattered throughout the system. While trying to reinstall the dashboard I found that I could not find the location of the identity. I did a file search for any appdata that was associated with Storj and was unsuccessful in locating the proper info. Any help would be appreciated.

Find the config.yaml in your Storj installation folder and look where the identity path was pointed to.

Thanks for the info. The proper identification file had not made it on my new SSD but I was able to recover it and now my node is working. However, I cannot get “Online”. My account has been suspended because of the length of time that I have been trying to fix my PC. Once again, your help is greatly appreciated.

Then just start over again and stay patient :slight_smile:

you can have like 30 days of downtime before your node will be DQ, so if you are inside that time limit your node should still be good.

suspension doesn’t mean to much, your node should recover after being online for a while…

ofc keep an eye on that the scores are going up…

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Thank you for your reply. I’m still unable to get the node back online. I reinstalled with the proper parameters but I’m still offline. I guess I need further help in technical areas where I’m unfamiliar.

Then please supply the last 20 lines of your logs by running the following command in an elevated Powershell session:
Get-Content -Tail 20 "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log"

There are people around here that may be able to help you with any errors shown in there.

Your help and the help from others is much appreciated.

Your external address specified in the contact.external-address: parameter of the config.yaml is not reachable from outside. Please, check it.
You can use this check list:

I would only add that you need to forward UDP 28967 too, not only TCP, and allow it in the firewall too.

Went through each step, one by one. Made the checks and changes and still unable to get online. Any thoughts?

Please, show WAN IP on your router and IP on Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router
Please, show result of the command (PowerShell):

(sls BEGIN (Join-Path (Get-Item ((sls "identity.cert-path: (.*)$" 'C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml').Matches.Groups[1].Value) | Split-Path -Parent) "ca.cert")).Count


(sls BEGIN (sls "identity.cert-path: (.*)$" 'C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml').Matches.Groups[1].Value).Count

This is needed to make sure that you actually have a public IP. If these IP do not match - the port forwarding rule will not work.
The next check would be to show your port forwarding rule and the local IP of your PC.

After working with my ISP to get any port forwarding issue resolved it seems that I am back “online”. However, all of my scores are at 0%. I’m unsure if this means that I am suspended from operation a node but if so I completely understand. Thanks for your help.

Yes, your node will be suspended (no ingress) until the online score would raise above 60%.
So, keep it online, it should recover during the time.