Problems with node after trying to migrate to windows service. Now docker wont run the node. Might get suspended

Hello - after trying to move my node to windows gui i must have messed something up. Now i have just tried to boot it normally with docker and i get this error:

I got it Kinda running after reboot but get this error now:

serviceping satellite failed

This indicates that your node is not reachable. Maybe you set the wrong ip/port on the docker start?

Currently i can run the node and it seems like data is going in: yet i still have a misc config status in dashboard.


Okay - node running agian and all OK.

But i might get suspended:
How bad is it?

untill it start to fail audits it is OK i think

Thanks Vadim - i hope it just does a full recovery

Please make sure that you provided a correct path. The docker’s node uses data_location/storage to store data, but Windows GUI node uses data_location to store its data.
So, for the Windows GUI node you need to provide a data_location\storage for the data location or move everything from storage to a parent folder.

Otherwise your node could be disqualified for losing data (because it expects data in a wrong folder…)

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Thanks Alexey - that is most likely What i did wrong :slight_smile:

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