Problems with Ports (ipv4, ipv6)

Hey all,

i want to show up in the storej business with like 200tb of space and my 1000mbits connection.

my internet provider (Vodafone) is (as it seems) only providing ipv6 and not ipv4 anymore.

i got some problems with the port forwarding and cannot edit any ipv4 ports in my router (fritzbox) because its not supported by my provider.

iam still able to mine storej? any help?


Hey @tinolinhoo,

The short answer is no… kind of. Storj in theory works just fine with IPv6, but there are currently no satellites that support it.
The longer answer is that you can still make it work if you find an external service that provides you with an IPv4 address and forwards it to your IPv6 address. I haven’t really looked into those options, but maybe someone else can give you some tips.

I do want to warn you that you are not going to fill up 200TB. I’ve been a node operator since the network started and I’m currently storing a little over 18TB of data. I’ve created an estimator that you can find over here to give people an idea of what to expect. Realistic earnings estimator
If you want to fill in your own numbers, please copy the sheet to your own google account. I do not grant requests to edit this document.


you need to to plot chia parallel to storj

Yeah, good luck with that :wink:

Just tell Vodafone you need an IPv4 address because you need it to connect to your employers VPN Server.
They’ll most likely switch you over to their Dual Stack network and you get a public IPv4 address and a public IPv6 Subnet.
Worst case you get IPv4 only.

I didn’t realize ISPs have already started shifting to IPv6 only. I thought it was years away…
I wonder how people will be satisfied with the service by not being able to access many sites…

I don’t know of any ISP that runs an IPv6 only network.
Most of them run dual stack and more and more are shifting to DS-Lite.
That means you get a public IPv6 subnet and a private IPv4 address in the CarrierGradeNat address space.
Just like in your home network your PCs only get a private IPv4 address and your router is doing NAT.
The normal user doesn’t even notice they use DS-Lite. They can access the internet just fine.
But if you want to access your devices from remote the problems start to rise. Without a public IPv4 address you can forward to one of your hosts in your LAN you can only use IPv6 to connect to your device.