Process Video Workflows Entirely in the Distributed Space


Did they get hacked or something?
Whenever I click on the “Get 500 minutes free” ( button, my browser gets forwarded multiple times to pornographic and totally dubious websites :confused:

We have reported this issue, it looks like a WordPress plug in was infected with malicious redirects. Hopefully they will fix it soon.


Yeah, opening on an iPhone produces all sorts of weirdness.
They need to fix it ASAP. It only takes landing on that page once for a prospective customer to go somewhere else.


In case you ever encounter such websites you can check it on Sucuri’s website scanner and get following result. I am purposefully not typing the link to Sucuri’s website scanner to avoid backlinks but you can see it in the image below. If you do try the scanner, you can click the “more details” link to see where exactly the malware is found. It wont lead you to the infected site.


The site should be working normally now, they fixed the malware infection.


Interesting concept, although their grid computing app is still “waiting list” only.
I am dubious if their business model, though. I would imagine domestic electricity rates will rarely be better than what a big data centre can negotiate so I’m not entirely sure how much the company will be paying individuals to run compute-intensive processes on their machines at home…

I see a lot of issues with the site.

  1. They don’t have website security since the malware incident.
  2. About page has “Sample” white paper (lipsum)
  3. On about us page “the vanguard of grid computing” section has “private” video.
  4. Non existent cookie and privacy policy.
  5. Blog has no entries to showcase. At least it should show the tie-up with Storj.
  6. Customer area shows “dummy UI”.
  7. Roadmap has no mention of 2023 even though we are in nearly at the end of 6 months.

This does not garner lot of confidence in them.


We are sharing your observations with their team so they can incorporate them into the design of their new website which they plan to release sometime next week hopefully.


Im following the projekt, and the new website got released some time ago.

Their worker app will launch soon, for the investors first.

As far as i know it will be a docker container.