Profit at August 2023

should join the network at August 2023 ?
Is it profitable for us?

My full 7TB node for 07.2023 did
61.02GB Egress
146.57GB Repair and audit

207,59GB total (resulting in $1 payout for all month’s traffic)
so not the best…

With current rates of $6/TB traffic, a minimum 2TB traffic per month would be enough for me for a 7TB node, to get paid $12, and that’s x10 more than current traffic…

(and that STILL would be only ~65% of a 10Mbps upstream capabilities! so low connection can handle it with ease!)


Hello @totoro25,
Welcome to the forum!

You may check this Community Earnings Estimator to get an idea how long it may take to fill your free space and how much you may earn: Realistic earnings estimator


thank for your reply!
I will reconsider my investment

We do not recommend to invest to anything with purpose only for Storj, use what you have now and what will be online anyway with Storj or without, in this case any income would be a pure profit.


Don’t expect storj earnings to pay for hardware, electricity, and maintenance and plus profit on top. If that was profitable they could have run their own datacenters.

The purpose of the project to get a modest payment for sharing underutilized resources, that would have otherwise gone to waste.

So, without storj you get nothing, you just have idle capacity (servers are running anyway, hard drives already purchased, and everyone buys more than immediate needs). But if you share that with storj – you get something. 0 / something → ∞. You get infinite return on investment, regardless of how much storj is paying. There is fixed cost of time setting storage node up, but this is a one time cost and with enough time approaches zero.


I suggest to review earnings estimator. Way too optimistic data with updated rules and traffic.
Many new operators may be attracted from that numbers that are not real now


This Estimator is made by the Community, so you may suggest your more effective model in the thread above.
As far as I know, it’s made based on Stat, provided by other Node Operators.

This is the second post from you where you tell people that you get only $1 for a full 7TB node. This is misleading. You also got earnings of ~ $10 for 7TB storage.

nothing missleading mister, i clearly said FROM THE TRAFFIC, means egress.

An obvious beginner asked, how much he can expect to earn with a node and you tell him that you earn $1 for the traffic with a 7 TB node making it sound like that’s all you get. How is it important how much you earn with traffic? The important info is the total earning including storage.