Programmatic usage of storj using the s3 API

What are the steps to use storj/tardigrade programmatically with the AWS SDK?

I want to be able to use storj programmatically to create buckets and upload/delete content using the S3 API (AWS SDK). Checking out the docs for the uplink client but it seems to be its own API not compatible with s3.

If you use their s3 gateway instead of the uplink library you can use the s3 api. See

Thanks for the reply! unfortunately i need to use s3 API programmatically from inside another node js module and wouldnt want users having to leave the other application to start the gateway.

Im thinking about using something like execa to run the gateway as a child process. not sure if this is recommended. but was hoping for a cleaner solution with the uplink client.

You may want to give the client library for node.js a try.

That would use libuplink natively though, not the S3 gateway.

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