Prometheus ERROR

Hi, I recently mounted a node in docker with prometheus and grafana, the storj node is up but I can’t get prometheus to communicate with storj-exporter which is up on the ip

I have tried modifying the /prometheus.yml file changing the targets to:
All of them have given me the same error.

I have also tried to solve it following this tutorial but it keeps showing me the same error.

Storj-exporter is up and showing data:

I also leave a capture of all the containers that I have raised:

Thank you very much in advance.

Before showing the unknown status in the target menu, it showed me the down status with the following error message:
Get “”: dial tcp connect: connection refused

When I modified the prometheus.yml file the error message disappeared and the status changed from down to unknown

On my setup it works with using local ip:

  • targets: [“”,“”]