Promoting Storj DCS

It seems that we SNOs have a shared interest in promoting the adoption of the Storj DCS platform - the more users, the more demand there is for our service, the more the platform grows and earns. I do see what looks like a nice webinar coming up. But I’m wondering, are there marketing materials available that we can use to promote the Storj DCS product through various social media platforms, etc.?


Hi @o1eal ,
Yes thank you for asking.

The latest youtube can be found here The Five Common Myths of Decentralized Cloud Storage - YouTube

A new blog post came out today Blog | Storj

This is a security focused doc

Are these the types of materials you are looking for? We really appreciate your advocacy and enthusiasm!


Hi Bre, thanks. These are good, and I had found most of these. I had something a bit different in mind, and if you’re interested I could give some pretty specific suggestions. Would you rather have something like that here, or in an email, or…?

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Sent you a DM. Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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