Protect yourself against impostors

Please beware of a current airdrop hoax.We’ve reported the scammers to Facebook, but heres some signs of a scam that you can remember to protect yourself

  1. The URL. Our company FB page url ends in /storjproject

  2. The age of the page. Our real FB page was created June 11, 2014.

  3. Storj will never request that you send tokens in order to receive tokens. This is the classic hallmark of a scam.

Please help us by reporting this fake page to Facebook if you see it. We have reported it ourselves, but of may come down faster if more people make the same request


PS - speacial thanks towonderful community members @stuu @stuberman @anon27637763 @deathlessdd @abc @nerdatwork for flagging this. Whats truly reprehensible in addition to the attempted scam is that the culprits have stooped so far as to steal pictures of peoples children from the internet and used them on the fake page. Please stay safe and guard your wallets, thanks!