Publishing vetting status of nodes by satellites

We know that each satellite tracks their nodes on its own, together with quality metrics like vetting status. Right now this means that any new satellite—whether owned by Storj Inc., or a community satellite—has to start collecting this dataset from scratch. I recall there were some discussions in the past when new Storj Inc. satellites started.

However, I think I would not mind if Storj Inc. published a dataset stating the vetting status of my nodes identified by node ID. As Storj Inc. is a reputable actor, it would likely be trusted by the community, removing one obstacle to jumpstart a community node.

Besides, if there was a support in satellite code to import or continuously take into account (probably with some trust weighting) another satellite’s data, would make it easier for Storj Inc. to also start new satellites with a large pre-vetted set of nodes.

What do you think?

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The vetting state here is for a reason. It actually could be a completely different node, than when you started it: you may migrate it any time.

I support the idea, that node should gain a reputation on each satellite independently (and vice versa), I do not like an idea of preferences only because you stored data for other satellites. Because it also requires that the system should have a memory, and each new node started after the failed one must be considered as unreliable in this extreme case.

You can just use this script to check if your node has been vetted on a satellites. GitHub - ReneSmeekes/storj_earnings: Earnings calculation script for Storj V3 storagenodes