Pure C client library?

Hi, I wonder if there are any plans to make a pure C equivalent to uplink? It would be then easier to integrate it into various products.

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Did you look on github? There is an uplink-c work in progress.

This one requires a go compiler. I was thinking of something more portable, something that only requires the most standard developer tools, ie. a C compiler.

yes, but only to create the shared library, then you can embed it into your code.

I suppose when it is more finalized they’ll provide the shared library, but I don’t know how stable it currently is.

Doesn’t hurt to ask on github.

Well, C is the gold standard of portability and toolset support. I’m thinking of embedded platforms that might not even have a go compiler, or places like CRAN, where it’s forbidden to upload precompiled binaries.

There are currently no active plans to make a pure C equivalent to uplink. We would love to have this in the future, however at the moment it is not on any roadmap.