Qnap adding node to an external drive

Apologies bit of a noob question.
Got my node running on my Qnap’s internal drives, but I also have an external drive attached to the Qnap that I would like to use for Storj.

Can I do the following
Add a second Node using the External Drive with a different DNS lookup than the one being used for the internal drives (to avoid different IP address’s)
Can I use the same token, or jusyt generate a new one from a different email?


Hi @JJ28,

You should be able to use the external drive as well.

Another DNS hostname won’t help as it will resolve to the same IP, unless you have multiple public IP’s at your location.

You need to generate a new identity, but can use the same wallet and email address.

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Sorry, can I just add another storage node for the external device?

Yes, follow the guide for CLI: CLI Install - Node Operator
The docker you have already, you only need to make sure that your external drive is statically mounted to the same mount point in your NAS after reboot. I believe the QNAP doing so automatically.

You need to use a different external port for the second and next nodes. You also need to have a different port for the dashboard.
Each node must have an own unique signed identity. So you need to generate it for each next node, obtain a new authorization token for each of them and sign them.
I would recommend to keep identity folder on the disk with its data.