QNAP APP install

just trying to set up the QNAP APP as I’ve loads of space to use. I keep getting the same error on install and can’t seem to find any answers anywhere?

[App Center] Failed to install Storj Storage Node 1.1.0. You must first install and enable container-station >= 1.7.2041.

anyone got any ideas ???

Hello @rtknight,
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You should install the Container Station first. This app is a wrapper around the docker.
When the Container Station is installed you will be able to start the application.

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Hi, it doesn’t appear in my APP center. Maybe my QNAP is one of those not support.

If you have an ssh access to your NAS, you could try to download the docker image to your PC, extract a binary and transfer it to the QNAP, then run it there.
You also can take a look on these threads (you can build the storagenode yourself):