Qnap Dashboard don't work

Hi taleb, I’m not an expert but I see written syntax error and then some quotes. If you copy and paste a text, be careful not to change the syntax, I read about a problem with quotes because there are two types. If you are on Qnap you don’t have to install the app from the appcenter, it doesn’t work. For the rest you have to follow the guide in SSH and the container creates itself.

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Hello @Taleb ,
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As @Roberto said - the QNAP app doesn’t work out-of-the-box. You need to perform the setup step from SSH anyway. Thus is much simple to do them all from SSH, than use a combination.
The syntax error shows that you perhaps specified your email address with round branches, it should be plain email address like user@somemail.tld
Please, try to update parameters. But first you need to perform this step: Storage Node - Node Operator from SSH with correct paths to your identity and data.

Then you can update the node from the QNAP app and start it.
If it would throw errors, then please post it here in full. Or use the SSH again:

docker logs --tail 20 storjlabsSnContainer
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Hi Alexey, but then, after getting the node up and running, can I install the qnap application? Do I do no damage? Is the version still 1.1.0?

Thank you Alexey for your help. my email is a private email , .......@candttech.co.uk , do you think this is the reason the .uk ? Another question can i bind by identity to a different email or i have to start again with fresh hotmail and new token with new identity ?

my email has .uk at the end it could be the reason the compiler in Putty is reading it wrong , i will try again fresh again with simple email hotmail or gmail and report back to you guys .

I don’t think so. I’m telling not about identity, but about email address specified in the application. Does it have round branches ( and ) in the value?

It’s not bind to your identity.

This is not needed.
Please, ssh to your QNAP, get to command line and take result of the command:

docker inspect storjlabsSnContainer -f '{{.Mounts}}'
  1. Use values for /app/identity and /app/config in the setup step: Storage Node - Node Operator
  2. Then run the node: Storage Node - Node Operator (substitute your values).
  3. Then remove the QNAP app.
  4. To automatically updating your node run watchtower: Software Updates - Node Operator

To have an access to your dashboard you can use an remote access: How to remote access the web dashboard - Node Operator
If you want to access it only inside your local network, then you can modify your docker run command and replace -p to -p 14002:14002

To update any parameter you need to stop and remove the container:

docker stop -t 300 storagenode
docker rm storagenode

Then run it back with all your parameters include changed ones.

If you would use a text editor to form docker run command, then please use only plain text editor, do not use any wordprocessors - they can replace a straight quotes to curly ones, double dash to hyphens and so on.