QNAP - docker instance - lost mount folders after reboot

good to all

a few days ago. I have successfully installed a storgenode instance on my QNAP docker container from CLI. I followed the guide of @Alexey.

as I wanted to fix a parameter and enable zksync payment.

I turned off the node for 10 minutes.

when I went to turn it back on, the parameters of the two folders / storage and / identity were lost.

I had to delete the instance and re-run the command to recreate it. with all the necessary parameters.

any of you have encountered the same problem ???

my question is ?? if for some reason the qnap should restart?

the instance would not restart automatically.

Describe how you turned off

Describe how you turned on

I followed the commands described in the documentation

but the second start command didn’t work.

docker stop -t 300 storagenode
docker start storagenode

if I look at the graphical interface this part is gone.

and the instance remains off

Hello @MaCos85 ,
Welcome to the forum!

Looks like a bug of QNAP docker implementation.
But stopping and removing the container then start a new one is a normal behavior for docker.
The only loss is your previous logs, if you did not redirect them to the file.