QNAP/Docker issue after updates

I’m running Storj on a QNAP through Docker/Container Station. I recently updated the the node to 1.35.3 through the manual update from the icon on the QNAP desktop app. After the update the app settings no longer showed the settings like payout address, e-mail, storage directory, etc. It also has the stop node button grayed out, the start node button was colored but nothing obvious happened when i clicked that and nothing happens when I click upgrade node, so it looks like the node is down however the dashboard shows everything online and ok. I figured perhaps the node update required a new docker container to I updated the docker package from 1.0.2 to 1.1.0 and now it wants me to go through the initial setup again. The node dashboard is still coming up fine though.

Any suggestions?

Hi, I also have a Qnap. Don’t use the app, it doesn’t work well. Use commands via ssh via help


I would add - if you use the QNAP-App and it’s working, then you need to add the name of the container used in the QNAP-App to the watchtower command.
By default this app start a docker container with name storjlabsSnContainer, so add this name to the end of the watchtower command.

If the app doesn’t work - you can remove it and use the pure CLI instead: Storage Node - Node Operator

Hello @k1dgorgeous

yeah we have just checked and there are some errors regarding JS as look like latest qnap firrmware is not supported some of elements so we will check this and resolve this and release the new version.

Parag Padsumbiya

Hello @k1dgorgeous

We have released new version Release V1.1.3 Release · storj-thirdparty/qnap-storagenode-app · GitHub .

There was content security policy erros so we need to update the code so its now updated and settings are working fine.

Please install the latest app and let us know your feedback.

Parag Padsumbiya

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The new app doesn’t change the issue. Updated the package, restarted the NAS and it still loads the app as if i have never setup the node, while the dashboard shows online. For now I’ll just manually update the node software.