QNAP Docker issue


I want to share 3TB for the beginning with my 24/7 QNAP NAS.

I installed everything as described in the guide but keep getting two errors:
/share/Web/STORJ/scripts/storagenodestart.sh: line 26: docker: command not found

/share/Web/STORJ/scripts/storagenodestart.sh: line 38: docker: command not found

All the files are in the folder and the Container Station App is installed. Did I missed anything?


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Maybe this can help:

Hi, I’m running into (with my QNAP TS-288A) into this same issue.

The link send by Alexey didn’t really help me at all (no offense, I’m just a noob when it comes to this, never used docker before). So could you guide us a bit more towards the answer?

In the manual there is a big gap between the Windows/Linux/Mac installation and the NAS installation. The screenshots don’t match with what I see, the descriptions are not clear enough (are the .cert files and the .key file the identity? Or is it more/only one? just be more specific in this please!). But besides that, I think this issue (command not found) is not documented anywhere in the FAQ.

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The Linux installation is generic, because there are a lot of devices running Linux. There is nothing specific, except some paths to binaries.

For the storagenode you need two folders - with your signed identity (6 files) and folder for data. The docker should be installed and you able to run it from the command line. That’s really all what you need.
The setup of storagenode is straight forward, login to your system via ssh and just follow the guide: Storage Node - Storj

The QNAP is a usual Linux system, maybe with reduced number of commands and features, but it’s able to run Docker. As everywhere they could have bugs. In this case your QNAP seems has it.
Usually you should be able to run docker if Container Station is installed. But in your case it’s not.

As far as I understand, the Container Station did not add its binary folder to the PATH variable. So, you need to add it manually.
As described in the link above you need to add path to your container station binary to the PATH variable in the /opt/etc/profile file.
Perhaps the path to the docker binary is different from /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/container-station/bin on your QNAP.

Try this command:

find / -type f -iname docker

It could help to find the docker binary. You should add path to the binary into the PATH variable instead of /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/container-station/bin in the example from their forum.

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@Alexey Thanks for the quick reply.
I now installed container station (was not in the manual) and the “command not found” message was gone, so that was the problem.

Tip for all newbies like me. If the storj app does not give any error on start (you only see 2 rows of log, so not really helpful), open container station and hit the play button if the container is not running and check the error message there. i.e. for me there seems to be an issue with identity. But Alexey just explained that so should be doable.

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