Qnap identitypath enter a valid path

hey who can tell me why my storjapp for qnap dont find the identity key

You need to specify the right path to the 6 files of the identity.
Could you make a screenshot with path to your identity and with the application where you specify this path?

Usually on QNAP paths looks like /share/DataVol1/Storj/Identity/storagenode, so maybe you missing the root folder (i.e. /share).

I would like to suggest to do not use this app and use the normal CLI setup instead:

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Thx for help, didnt work i try it with CLI setup

nothing works i try it on the qnap but the same result not valid path

Hi @kojogo, you can find the absolute path by either ssh into the identity folder, or easier still using WinSCP which will give you the absolute paths.
For WinSCP, to get the absolute path, go to the folder you want and the full path will be listed above the directory you are in.