QNAP ISCSI Target migration


I’m running a VM with storagenode connected on ISCSI target on my QNAP NAS, I would like to migrate all ISCSI target to a different QNAP ( I need upgrade from a NAS with 6x2TB disk to new one with 4x6TB HDD) what is the best way ?

Use rsync ?
I need to stop the node ?
Can I rsync during the normal node operation and the stop the node and rsync the remaining file in order to reduce the outage ?

Yes, run rsync multiple times without --delete and at the end stop the storagenode and run rsync once more with --delete.

Why I have to delete at the end ?

--delete deletes the files which don’t exist in the source anymore. Otherwise you will have “orphaned” files in your storagenode, which were deleted since you started the first rsync.

man rsync

ok, but I will format all the disks on that QNAP

I was talking about storj data which got deleted by the customer while you were copying data.

Ok but in case of any problem i can not came back if I delete the data during the rsync process

I don’t know what you mean. With --delete the destination is an exact copy of the source.