Qnap to windows migration


Has anyone got a guide for moving from a Qnap (container) to windows please?

Seen guides for Linux etc.

Need to expand my drive and free up the qnap but have a windows machine with spare hard drives.


Hi @JJ28

First of all, copy from the Qnap to the Windows machine the content of the directories that you specified to store identity and data.

Make sure to stop the Storage node container when you’re copying the data directory; if you don’t stop it then you’ll have to do 2 rounds, the initial copy without stopping it and then the second round stopping it and using some software that allows to check and copy the new files, the changed files, and delete the files that were copied in the initial copy but were deleted later in the Qnap.

In the Windows machine, install the Storage node app. You can follow this guide: Storage Node - Node Operator

Make sure to specify the same settings that you did in the Qnap but adapt the ones that have changed due to the move.
Settings that are different are for sure, the identity and data directories paths.
Likely, you’ll also have to change the port-forwarding in your router to redirect the external port to the IP of the Windows machine.


You can use rsync from the WSL on Windows, or you can use a robocopy if you share the storagenode folder from QNAP and connect it to Windows, see How to migrate the Windows GUI node from one physical location to another? - Node Operator