QNAP TS-431K / Forbiden


When i install the pkg and run it this message appears:

I am logged in as admin, i reinstalled Container Station and the STORJ pkg as well. Also rebooted and same thing appears. I think i messed up the wizard; is there a way to delete app data that stays after a reinstall?

Any suggestion?


Hi @hugosbnarciso,

Can you check to see if




Yes it does.

and inside config.json:
Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 02.10.24

Ok so… i fixed it by restoring all settings on the webserver, turning it off and on…

Thanks :slight_smile:

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i do have another issue though.

It says
“The identity files don’t exist at the path selected. Please create identity or copy the identity folder at the given path.”

Although the path is correct…

The process was, i started the process of issuing an identity on another computer, and i confirmed it with my auth token. Then transferred the files to the QNAP.

Am i missing any step?


Are you sure that you specified as an identity the folder with 6 files in it?


That’s correct. Attaching a screenshot to make sure i’m not missing anything :slight_smile:

On another note, on another thread you suggested i do the CLI installation instead of the QNAP app. Should i just uninstall the QNAP app and start over following the CLI installation steps?

I would suggest using the CLI app - at least for the next few weeks. The QNAP app has not been updated in a long time, though is currently getting a refactor and a few releases over the next several weeks.

When we originally developed the QNAP app we were restricted by older (5.x) versions of php, which QNAP has since bumped to 7.x. Additionally some recent firmware updates may have caused permission issues with some app package operations.

i understand, i shall try your suggestion and will update you

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@hugosbnarciso - thank you for your feedback. Please do keep us informed of any progress or suggestions.

bit of an update.

for now i’ll operate a node with a linux machine i have. I shall try the QNAP if the node ever gets full.

I do have another location (diff IP) where i maintain another QNAP. Will try that later this month and if anything, i’ll come back here for questions.


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