Qnap TS 451 Instalation

Hey Stor Node hosters,

i try to install a node on my Qnap TS 451.

The install is compleet with container an the node.

But i cant config my identy.

any path i try, and upload may identy files. but the node say:

The identity files don’t exist at the path selected. Please create identity or copy the identity folder at the given path.

I use the STORJ_1.1.0.qpkg file to download.


My guess would be a permissions issue? I don’t know what user the QNAP app runs the container as, but if that user doesn’t have read access to those files, it could show as file not found.

Side note, your identity folder only needs the identity.cert and identity.key files. The numbered files are backups made during the key signing process, and the ca.* files are used as part of the certificate creation process. Best practice would be to backup the files other than identity.cert and identity.key to a separate, secure, and ideally offline location.

@baker Can I do something with the authorization.

I’ve tried different things.

But I am not a specialist.

Same issue here, any luck solving it?

I would like to suggest you to use a CLI method instead, we do not have a lot of users with QNAP to troubleshoot an issue with GUI unfortunately.