Question about cost of Egress

Hi there, quick question. I was just looking over Storj’s bandwith cost, and it mentions $7/tb. Does this mean that if i download just one file ( say 10mb ) will it charge me the minimum $7?

Basically what im tryna say is, is it pay-as-you-go for the first tb, or is it minimum charge for first tb then pay as you go?

Same with storage

No, you pay only for the proportion you’ve used. So your 10mb download will cost you $0.00007. The same goes for storage. Say you’ve stored only that single 10mb file for half of the month, you’d pay $0.00002 for storage. (I hope I got that number of 0’s right, but you get the point)


Ohh thank you very much. I’m gonna be paying with some STORJ token soon and will be using this service :slight_smile:


There’s also a generous free tier to get your bearings (3 projects of 50GB storage and bandwidth each), so feel free to give it a go yourself.

Oh yeah I already did. I want to use this as a mini-CDN and also having about half a terabyte of backups uploaded.