Question About L2 Payouts

I’m wondering when the L2 is going to be active is there any exchange that accepts it? so that I can convert it to balance or litecoin.

Additionally I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for any good exchanges


I’ll hang on here with my question. Thanks to @Alexey for his help with the setup, I have now set up Zksync for me. But I still have one question: Are there any fees when I transfer my Storj to my wallet? If not, why was this solution not implemented at short notice. It’s basically not that complicated to set up.

Yes, you have to pay fee for withdrawal. At the moment only in ETH (on mainnet). We are working with zkSync’s team to enable STORJ as a payment token for fee, as it is enabled on the test network:

Please talk to Binance to have them add L2-wallets

Yes, it’s nice idea - please send them a such request, if there would be more demand for L2 transactions, they could decide to implement the L2 deposit.
StorjLabs is not affiliated with any exchange and do not pay them to list our token or implement functions - they do it on their own, driven by demand, not by request from token owners. We are legally limited in ability to interact in such a direction.