Question about payments by zkSync

I apologize if this topic has already been discussed, but I have seen my last payments through zkSync.

When reviewing the transfers to my ETH wallet I see 2 transfers where “from” indicates zkSync.

I have not configured that, and now I do not know how to “pass” my tokens to ETH.

Storj makes All transaction by zkSync provider, it looks like chiper, as they make mass transaction at once, if you have L1 Storj then you will get it to L1. I got the same.

mm… so you mean that I “inadvertently” activated the payment through zkSync??

I have not changed any configuration on my nodes, but for some reason I am receiving my payments through zkSync and not through the normal ETH network

Is there anything I can do? to reverse this?

That is not what is happening. You did not receive layer 2 zkSync STORJ. If you check your wallet you will see that you received STORJ on Layer 1 ethereum and can normally interact with it with any layer 1 wallet. Storj Labs sent the tokens to you FROM layer 2 zkSync by withdrawal to L1. If it was a layer 2 zkSync transfer you would not see the transaction on etherscan nor would be able to send the STORJ to some other layer 1 ethereum address without using a zkSync compatible wallet.


Now I understand, thank you very much for the clarification… excuse my ignorance…


me again, just to be clear, the problem I have is the following

Is it correct then that the transfer is made through a “smart contract”?

Please if any expert or knowledgeable in this can confirm this information


Yes. Through zkSync smart contract.

But i never opted for this payment method. What happened?

Hi @paarsand
The zksync smart contract was used to pay you on L1. This has been discussed before if you want more information - Question about payments by zkSync