Question about vetting. I got some blank spots in my understanding

You don’t have log redirected to a file which is why successrate script shows the only audit it has in the log. While the command you used fetches lifetime (not from the log) audit data for your node.

Well than why did the author of the script did it that way? Wouldn’t lifetime stats much better?
Each update does reset the stats of the script…

It’s simple if you want lifetime stats then use the command . Some SNOs want to look at audit in log.

Redirect your log to a file How do I redirect my logs to a file? | Storj Docs

Does the script than check the log in the file?

Yes, if you point the script to the log it does :slight_smile:
Check the readme:

Passing a docker container name:  `./ storjv3`
Passing a log file:  `./ /data/storagenode.log`

First one if logs are not redirected and/or you named the container differently, and it resets every time storj updates
Second one if you have a logfile adjusted in the config

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