Question about vettingstatus

i have got some questions about the vetting process : as far as i am informed a node is claimed as vetted if it has confirmed to be online in 100 audits

i set up a new node( ca 10 days old ) and the tells me this

why is the vetting status for example at us1 at 45% while just 7 out of 100 audits were completed during its uptime but most the other nodes have recived only 1-4 audits while ranging form 15-34 % in vetting status

as you can see all my nodes are up the whole time and i get regular amount of ingress and exress for its time and size( at least all my other nodes performed as bad as this node right after setting up)

but the vetting behavior tells me that i havent understood exacly how the vetting process works even after some time operating some other nodes at different locations.
I would be proud if somebody could explain to me how the vetting process acually works
btw this node is the only node running on a RP4 with raspberry pi os while all my old nodes run on deskop pcs



Thank you didnt find this information before

thank you :smiley: