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just started my node a few days ago got my code over a year ago but was to lazy to set it up been looking at getting a nice setup for both storj and my own personal files i saw those servers advertised but couldn’t be sure if they would take sata drives as its listed as sata/sas as you have one maybe you could be more help on the subject

SAS/SATA implies it will accept either type. More important is the ability to use newer drives such as SATA3 (or 6 Gbps) which was introduced in 2009. (SAS-1 came out in 2004 and SAS-2 in 2009 and also supports 6 Gbps. More often than not you will see SAS-3 which supports up to 12Gbps and is backward compatible. You do need to be careful when buying hardware to ensure you are getting something that will work. In my case, the CSE-836 has a backplane that is simply a pass through (SAS386TQ) so it works with the modern SATA3 drives I use.

why was this moved to a new thread i replied to a guy that had an identical server to the one i was looking at buying and now there is no context to my post

Because it’s not related to the posting of image of your setup anyhow

I suppose it seemed off topic to the thread of showing off your nodes.

Which server are you looking at buying (it wasn’t clear to me) and what kinds of drives do you have or are considering?

it was just a casual question please delete this thread

stuberman i replied to the post of your new server i was looking at a near identical one that was being sold as parts only the seller knows nothing about it i have a bunch of sata drives what i needed to know was how the interface works on those ( been building computers for years but not really played with the server stuff )

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The key is that the backplane is just a passthrough.

My unit came with an old RAID card that did not support SATA3 so I removed it. I just connect each HDD directly to one of the onboard SATA connectors and I would add a PCIe card with more SATA ports to fill the case to capacity.

My biggest concern has always been the new HDDs use of PowerDisconnect pins. When I have used a traditional PSU with SATA power the pins get activated and you need a Molex adapter to prevent them from h=shutting down the drives. These older Supermicro cases/backplanes do not have that problem.

BTW - I like to use Western Digital HC530 UltraStar drives. Long life, low power, very reliable.

i have 10 x 16tb enterprise Seagate’s from another project so will either run 5x raid 1 to keep simple or possibly a raid 10 i have yet to test the iops on the drives so it may need to be raid 10 to maximise net connection in the long run

I am not sure of the value in running a RAID array for Storj. I simply run each HDD as its own node.
I use ZFS in other systems where I need a lot of storage (>100TiB). I think there has been quite a bit of debate about that here.

Also don’t expect to fill up that much storage space with Storj unless you have different IPs behind different /24 subnets.

Starting with one single 16TB node would probably already take 3 to 4 years to fill up at current ingress rate.

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yh i am not worried about that i have around 50tb of work files to backup so thats a good chunk of that storage i am thinking maybe have 80tb in a raid 10 then add 1 more node each time the last is trusted just to minimise losses from any errors