Question: how to move a node

Got a several nodes with several questions:

  1. to a physical defferent location (different location; IP; etc.);
  2. move HDD from WinPC to R Pi;
  3. extend the node capacity with additional HDDD;
    HDDs with nodes will be the same and I don’t want to loose qualification of a node.
    If all the questions are solved already please give a clue where to look.


  1. It depends: if the different location is a near place, maybe the easiest way is to just move the HDD to that location. If it is not, I think the recommended way is to use rsync, which allows you to move the data with the service running most of the time - check the link below. However, if it is through the network it will take time depending on the HDD size.

  2. I’m currently doing that using rsync from WSL2 in Windows to copy the data to a Rpi through the network (currently 24h for 1.5 Tb - but it depends on multiple factors like HDD and network performance)

  3. This is not feasible without a solution like RAID or similar (or something like mergerfs). The easiest way maybe it´s just running a second node on the extra space of the second disk and complete the vetting process.

About the rsync process, you can find more information here

yep, thaks alot!
in p.3 could establish RAID (got a technical ability with no skills in that).
is the max capacity of the node still about 20TB or so?

Thank you for an answer Alexey!

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There is no max at all.