Question on Pi computers

Is it correct that Raspberry PI does not have internal SATA ports? I am currently looking at Banana Pi which seems to have it. Do you know of a nice non transparant enclosure that can hold the Banana Pi together with a 3.5 HDD?

Yes correct. RPi does not have SATA ports. But it’s not needed for this project. SATA and USB3 have almost the same speed and it is way faster, then the speed’s on the Storj network.

If you would like to get more HDD’s, you will also be using USB and/or USB HUB as Banana Pi have only one SATA port. And if you stay in this project, you will have more drives.

So in your case i would go for RPi, as it is spreaded widely and have better support/compatibility/comunity.

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RaspberryPi and a USB hub work great. But you should use a USB hub with its own power supply, otherwise the read and write speeds are limited.


I did not know it could just slow things down, if not enough power is supplied it may simply not work also… I had 2x 2.5" disks connected to my RPi 4B, and they kept disconnecting, which was disastrous until I plugged a powered USB hub, indeed.
I guess it does not impact self-powered 3.5" disks.


Yes, I absolutely agree with you. :pray: