Question on the number of pieces

I have uploaded 2 files both are about the same age on Tardigrade.
File number one: Size 33.30 GB has 4675 piece by today. Link

File number 2: Size 6.22GB has 3121 pieces as of today. Link

Why is there such a difference in the number of pieces? I would expect that a file that is almost 6 times the size would also result in almost 6 times the number of pieces. Why is it only factor 1.5?

The number of pieces looks a little low even for the 6.22 GB.

My guess is that the linksharing web tool has a problem loading all the pieces for large files. I will ask the responsible developers to look at this.


Thanks. Maybe you can make him aware of this as well: Linkshare Object Map is live!

Sure, I think it is related.

We found that the number that is reported as pieces is actually the number of storage nodes storing one or more pieces for the object. For smaller objects these two are often identical, but not for larger objects like these.

We are working on improving the Object Map to show this information accurately.


It seems this issue has been fixed now. The large file is reporting around almost 40k pieces now.