Question on TOS - Re 1 node per IP

I was reading the TOS for SNO (

  • Operate more than one (1) Storage Node behind the same IP address;

This is contradictory to both the documentation and the forum. I thought it was one node PER HDD, never per IP address?

I understand that nodes within the same /24 will share incoming data as if they were all one node, but why is this explicitly not allowed?

Thanks in advance


Good catch!

Given the real use of and advice given on running Storage Nodes, perhaps they want to re-visit that particular point.

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It’s there to see who actually reads the T&Cs
You get a lolly :wink:


Some of us (myself included) have a significant amount of time, effort and held payments.

So its kind of important to be clear on what is and isn’t allowed.

For example I have a server with 15x10TB HDDs and it has 15 nodes running on it, per the documentation. They are all sharing one IP.

How will i sleep at night now? Knowing that i’m some sort of storj anarchist, going against the rules


You’re officially Pablo Escobar of Storj :laughing::love_you_gesture:


This rule was in place during early alpha. It’s no longer applicable, but it still being there in ToS is problematic at some point. Many months ago it was promised that ToS were in the process of being rewritten. Maybe @jocelyn has an update on that?


I’ll find out from Legal! I think the ToS were finished, but want to verify that the published version has been updated


Ok, so it seems that the ToS most recent update was 3/19/20

I messaged my colleagues with a link to this thread and said "This person would like to understand whether its still true that nodes may not share an IP. If such is the case, then they hope for an explanation why"

The company is closed today in observance of Juneteenth, but on Monday they will be back in the office.



Ahh right! Forgot about that. Not really a thing here in the Netherlands. What do you say on such a day? “Happy Juneteenth” sounds a bit weird.

It’s interesting that the latest update was that recent as this rule of one node per IP was definitely no longer in effect at that time. Either way, thanks for sending it on!

What the devil is Juneteenth?

Also… if that rule is in force I suspect it’ll kill a whole bunch of SNOs.
I intend to eventually have up to 10 simultaneous node running…

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happy juneteenth is totally fine - you know going back to the original post, someone intemally is pointing out that there may ned to be more clarification in the wording around ‘same IP’.
i will post back here, or get a colleague todo so as the conversation develops. Thanks for bringing this up!

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Looks like you forgot to mention Monday of what week or month?


Thanks for the post! We are in the process of updating the TOS. The changes need to be approved by our legal team, so it may take some time before the changes are reflected at