Question on updating

To me in the mail, I received a letter from Storj, where they talked about updating, (Node Update Version
v0.28.2) and the link
Is this true or a cheating ?
Storage Node Operators,

Please update your node within the next 72 hours to prevent your node’s reputation from being affected.

Any node that doesn’t update won’t be able to connect to the network. Ahead of our production release, nodes participating won’t be penalized during downtime for network improvements.
Watch your email and follow the Storage Node Operators category in our [community ](information on future releases.

Make sure to [follow the instructions to run a software update immediately]

To get more information about the changes in this update please take a look at the [changelog]

Important note about mounting your node hard drive:

In the early stages of our alpha, we had incorrect instructions for how to mount your node in the Explorer Setup Guide on GitHub. If you’re an affected user, you’ll see -v instead of --mount in your docker run storagenode command to point to the location of their identity and storage folders. Please update your docker run command using these

Can you please elaborate on how this is cheating?

Is this letter real and mailbox?
I am from Russia and do not understand English well

Yes that’s a real email from Storj. Why are you doubting it since it clearly shows link to the update on github?

Ok Thanks, I just clarified, there were simply doubts

Is this the first time you received an email from Storj about an update?

Yes this was the first time

And how to update in windows? just run exe file?

Now I understand :slight_smile:

Storj does send out notifications for important updates like updating your storagenode (SN).

You can check the changelog in the above link to see what changes were made in this update.

If you are running GUI windows then it updates automatically. If its docker then there is watchtower for automatic updates else you might need to manually update.

Are you using GUI version for your node?

I do not understand this well, I did something through the command line, and put this program

That’s GUI version of running storage node. It will automatically update your node.

In the folder C: \ Program Files \ Storj \ Storage Node are the files storagenode-updater, storagenode-updater.old, storagenode.old.v0.26.3, storagenode. So do I need to update manually, or automatically update?

Clear, thanks a lot for the consultation)))

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Yay! I read your mind and answered already :slight_smile:

Does your dashboard show its version 0.28.2 ?

Not yet, now v0.2.7.1

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