Questions about STORJ

Hello there,
I am exploring the storage space and I had a couple of questions.

I was wondering if you could tell me more about how Storj uses smart contracts and oracles to perform their key functions?

What is the role of the token in this DApp’s ecosystem?

Also, is there any projects, industry verticals or use case that the community is addressing?

Thank you for your time!

Hello @ARMY971 ,
Welcome to the forum!

We do not use blockchain to store data. And it will not work for anyone, see

Our service is to provide the decentralized encrypted cloud storage, compatible with s3.
We do not offer blockchains and related to blockchains services.
We use blockchain only for our utility token, which is used to pay to SNO for their service and as a payment method when you use the Storj DCS as a customer.

Our DApps - most of the customers’ application in meaning, that they uses the Decentralized cloud storage, see Introduction - Storj DCS for documentation.
The other DApp - is our storagenode software: Introduction - Node Operator

To complete your research you can use our Whitepaper, our Blog | Storj and Resources | Storj