Questions regarding GatewayST and Integration with Nextcloud

I have multiple application running in the same server and I wanna use dedicated bucket for each one of them.

How can I do this with GatewayST (Self hosted S3 Gateway) ?

Another question, Can I use two storj account at the same time ? One for my Mastodon, Pixelfed etc. Public instances and another one for my personal stuff ?

If I wanna use Storj Bucket as a primary storage for nextcloud do I need to run the gateway in website mode ?

Thanks in advance.

the same way - create another bucket and use it. Or may be I do not understand a problem?
Your Gateway-ST is configured to use an access grant, any access grant allows you to have more than a one bucket. Just all objects will be encrypted with the encryption phrase used in the access grant.

Accordingly Terms of Service | Storj - No.

no, you even can configure Nextcloud to use a native integration instead: Nextcloud with Storj - Storj DCS Docs

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Could you please tell me what does this mean ? I didn’t see this message before …

if you run the Gateway-ST in the cloud provider (I.e. Amazon), you will pay for egress traffic from this VM to hundreds nodes across the globe, because it’s an egress traffic for the said provider. And you will pay for egress from the Storj network, when you download.
The worse case is to have load in one cloud provider, and run Gateway-ST in another - you will pay for egress to your first provider when you upload data (because it’s egress to your second provider), pay for egress to your second provider (because it’s egress outside their network) and pay for egress from Storj when you download your data back, and for egress to your second provider (because it’s now egress to your first provider).

There are exclusions: if you use a Storj-hosted S3-compatible Gateway or if you conclude a partnership with StorjLabs.

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Got it ! I run GatewayST on the same machine.

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Is it possible to use Storj Bucket as primary storage on Nextcloud without setting up GatewayST? I wanna use GatewayMT instead. Do I need any specific setup ?

Yes, you can use GatewayMT instead - generate an S3 credentials using the same encryption phrase and update your config with these credentials and endpoint.

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