QUIC Misconfigured during first setup

Hi everyone,

I am trying to host a node, but unfortunately the QUIC remains on misconfigured even though i have done the No-IP and port forward steps. I am aware of a single thing that might be an issue, and it’s the fact that the router (a TP-Link) isn’t allowing me to separate TCP and UDP (so i’m having both of them in a single rule). Rest is good. Does anyone of you have any idea on how to solve? Or it’s just to wait? Forcing a refresh is not changing stuff.

I’m on Windows, fyi.

Thanks in advance,

Also - how am i supposed to restart a node? There is no way to do that in the node dashboard page.

Quick update - node is running correctly, but QUIC is still “misconfigured”. Uhm… Should i let it go?

Via Task Manger’s Services tab. Search storagenode and on right-click menu you have start/stop/restart options.

This sounds fine - you want both TCP and UDP.

Maybe Windows Firewall is blocking?

I can’t find any storj-related rule on Windows Firewall. What i think it might be the issue, is the fact i’m still under CG-NAT, hence this issue.

At the current time the node is actually working without issues, am i earning or am i disqualified? I will try to fix this issue with the help of my ISP as well by changing the IP as Dynamic Public IP.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Update for everyone: ISP solved the issue by placing a dynamic public IP address. Now QUIC is in “OK” status. I also added the rule in the firewall as it was still missing. Thanks!