QUIC Misconfigured

Everything was fine for one year but today suddenly i see
“QUIC Misconfigured”
port is open and firewall is OK it was working but suddenley i started to see that

hello @moudar
this should be just a warning, the quic is not configured correctly. The node should work fine but sooner or later it needs to be fixed

what can i do ?
all settings are right
port is forwarded and firewall is open, it has worked one year with no problems but today I started to see this warning!!

Welcome to the forum @moudar !

you have to open the UDP ports as you did for the TCP

New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName “Storj v3 UDP” -Direction Inbound -Protocol UDP -LocalPort 28967 -Action allow

I did open with the above command, but still QUIC misconfigured!!

If you have configured UDP correctly then it may be a bug in the new version. I am still at 1.46.3

is there any way to downgrade? because i did not upgrade it! I think it upgrades automatically!

What do the node logs say? Did you have the UDP error before?

how to check the logs on Windows?

my log file is 9GB size!!
notepad cant open it?
wonder why is it so big file?

I have the Linux node running in the docker. I don’t remember what the command is for windows. You have to look for it in the forum

I found the file but it is 9-GB size
opened it in Edge it will take a while to reach today’s logs

Can I remove this file? will Storj generate a new one or how this works?

Oh! You use 1.47.3. My updaters/watchtowers did not update any node, yet.

I dont know why am using this version!?

did not upgrade anything!

Most probably you configured automatic updates. That’s why. Or if the node is brand new…

Obviously not new, so you did set up automatic updates.

the node is nearly one year old

I dont remember if automatic updates are active or not?!

Check. Maybe this is it. Just also open UDP and it should be fine. :slight_smile:

UDP is open with:
New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName “Storj v3 UDP” -Direction Inbound -Protocol UDP -LocalPort 28967 -Action allow

And outbound? You only allow ingress. How about egress? :smiley: